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2021 HOdo Group Highlights

Published in: 2022-01-03

1. Prime Minister Hun Sen sent a congratulatory letter to SSEZ

On January 26, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen personally sent a letter to the board of directors of The Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone Corporation, congratulating Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone on its achievements in development and extending Chinese New Year greetings to all employees in the zone. In the letter, Prime Minister Hun Sen said, "The Cambodian government values the important contribution of private enterprises in the process of vigorously promoting social and economic development, and has always regarded private enterprises as an indispensable and important partner for the government to achieve complementary advantages. In this sense, I very much welcome and support the SSEZ company to better promote the development of the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone through investment and financing and other innovative ways."


2. Yew Pharmaceutical successfully entered the national collective procurement and was selected as "Jiangsu Province Specialized And Special New Giant Enterprise."

On May 24, Taxol injection from Wuxi Taxus Pharmaceutical co., LTD won the bid for the fifth batch of the national catalogue of centralized production on June 23. On October 27, The intelligent factory project of High-end complex anti-tumour preparations of Yew Pharmaceutical was officially started. Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced 2021 provincial specialized special new Small Giant identified enterprises list; Yew Pharmaceutical was successfully selected with domestic leading core technology, continuous innovation of research and development strength and progressive market development ability.


3. Release of the first batch of China's carbon-neutral clothing exports

On July 17, The first batch of China's carbon-neutral clothing export press conference was held. At the conference, HOdo signed a cooperation agreement with Optimus Group to give full play to HOdo's social responsibility and leadership in leading supply chain reform, strong cooperation, and jointly building a "carbon neutral" sustainable development of the value chain. The meeting released the Declaration of HOdo Co., Ltd. to achieve carbon neutrality and initiated the "Yangtze River Delta Carbon Neutral Clothing Supply Chain Alliance." HOdo Co., Ltd. strives to achieve the goal of corporate carbon neutrality by 2041.


4. HOdo Men's wear and Kmind Strategy Consulting fully implement the high-end brand strategy

HOdo Group partnered with a strategy consulting firm to start brand high-end strategy project cooperation. HOdo men's anchored the new track, "comfortable men's" positioning "the classic, comfortable men's clothing" to "men's wear more comfortable, wear red bean" as the slogan, to high-end, differentiation consumption upgrade, improve brand awareness and influence of the industry. To adapt to the digital economy era with digital and online, enhance competitiveness; Flexible and intelligent production to meet the needs of personalized customization, self-breakthrough, self-innovation, high-quality brand to lead the new development. In October, HOdo Men's wear won the benchmark Award of "Double-action Clothing Industry" of Tencent mini-program and became the "first-phase strategic partner of Sili Business platform" of Tencent Smart Retail. On the evening of November 29, HOdo men's clothing e-commerce, together with the top anchor strong baby, opened the first special live broadcast with goods and ranked the TOP1 sales of men's clothing category!


5. The 21st HOdo Qixi Festival live broadcast party sales reached 1.066 billion yuan, as the only enterprise  honourably listed in "2021 China's Top Ten Festival Brands."

On the evening of August 14, HOdo group teamed up with the central radio and television reception desk exclusive special present, 2021 Chinese special programs, and at a China central television (CCTV) - 3 channel CCTV variety as promised. At the same time, the 21st Qixi Festival "Qixi love is Chinese" live theme party was held and invited singers like Xia Hu, Gou Chen Hao Yu. Meng Ran, the singer-songwriter, sang on live and gave out 68 cash prizes of 4,999 yuan as a gift to Hong Fan on Chinese Valentine's Day via a video performance. During the current "HOdo Qixi Festival," sales achieved 1.066 billion, increasing red powder by nearly 1 million. On September 11, 2021, the 15th Annual meeting of the China Brand Festival launched the list of Top 10 Festival Brands in China for the first time, and "HOdo Qixi Festival" was honoured to be listed as the only one enterprise-led festival brand.



6. The General Science Technology was awarded the national Industrial Design Center

On November 23, according to the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on organizing the identification and review of the fifth batch of National-level industrial Design centers, the Industrial Design Center of Jiangsu Science General Technology Co., Ltd. was officially named as the national-level industrial design Center.



7. The group won the 2021 National Quality Benchmark, the 19th "National Quality Award."

In September, China Association for Quality released the list of "2021 National Quality Benchmark", and Hongdou Group was successfully selected for "the practice of building 5G technology-based intelligent factory -- the experience of realizing flexible garment production and quality control", becoming the only textile enterprise in Jiangsu Province to win this award. On December 2, the group was awarded the 19th "National Quality Award" for its 14 years of continuous promotion of performance excellence management and continuous pursuit of high-quality development. It is the only enterprise in the textile and garment industry in China and in Jiangsu province to win this award.



8. A video link between Wuxi and Sihanoukville province of Cambodia helped build the upgraded version 2.0 of the SSEZ

On December 17, in order to implement the spirit of the critical speech of the third Belt and Road Forum, Wuxi held a video working conference with Sihanoukville Province of Cambodia to discuss practical cooperation between the two places in the fields of international investment, education, culture and medical care, and help build the Upgraded version 2.0 of the West Port Special Zone. Du Xiaogang, Secretary of Wuxi Municipal Party Committee, Dimeng Long, Vice Governor of Sihanoukuk Province, Jun Li, Deputy Director of Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Haijiang Zhou, Chairman of the Board of Directors of HOdo Group, attended the meeting and delivered speeches successively. Min Jiang, a standing Member of the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and Vice Mayor presided over the meeting. At the meeting, the leaders of government departments of both sides witnessed the signing of the largest industrial investment project since the establishment of The SSEZ -- the "Qianlima" tire project of 1.906 billion yuan by General Science Technology of HOdo Group.


9, HOdo Shares and General Shares both won the "Jiangsu Boutique" certification.

On December 17,  HOdo's "knitted casual pants" and GM's "Coated piercing self-sealing tires" was awarded the second "Jiangsu Boutique" certification. Dai Minjun, executive vice President of Hongdou Group, was invited to attend the 2021 Jiangsu Quality Conference to receive the award, and Xu Kunlin, governor of Jiangsu Province, issued the certificate of honour. HOdo Group and General Science Technology will take this as an opportunity to strengthen the concept of high-quality development further, strive for the peak of quality, and make more products become high-quality products in Jiangsu and spread over the whole country and even the entire world.


10. Haijiang Zhou was re-elected as the chairman of Wuxi Federation of Industry and Commerce and chairman of the Wuxi General Chamber of Commerce.

On the afternoon of December 24, the Wuxi Federation of Industry and Commerce (GENERAL Chamber of Commerce) elected new leadership at the first meeting of the 13th executive committee. Haijiang Zhou was unanimously elected chairman of the Wuxi Federation of Industry and Commerce and president of the General Chamber of Commerce. Haijiang Zhou, who was elected to a third term in office, said he felt honoured and responsible. He would collaborate with the Xi merchants, make full use of the unique favourable conditions of Wuxi, inherit and carry forward the spirit of Xi merchants in the new era, and build Wuxi into the No.1 industrial and commercial city in China by building a famous capital city, a famous brand city and a famous innovation city.


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